Thursday, October 25, 2007

Favorite Websites for Inspiration

When I have all sorts of free time (hehe!) to surf the web, here are some of my favorite hotspots...
Have a new Stampin' Up! set? Look in the gallery under that set's title for great inspiration!
Like the gallery & articles here! If you don't have a subscription, ask for one or give a gift subscription for Christmas!! (This is my favorite magazine!)
Check out the "tag maps" and "card maps" - awesome sketches with examples! Also available in PDF format for you to print and keep in your stamping spot!
Check out the "Project Ideas & Techniques" section.
It's not Stampin' Up!, but I have a Ki paper fetish, I must admit.

Have fun surfing!

NOTE: I do not claim responsibility for any addictions or hours that slip away as a result of spending time on the websites forementioned! :):):)

Katie B.

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