Thursday, July 24, 2008

latest & greatest (hehe) on Etsy!

Well, today was a milestone. I learned a bit more about still life photography, how to create my own banner and avatar for my new online shop, and uploaded 7 new items to my NEW Etsy store! I have a slight headache from all of the brain cells that are still a'sizzlin... :P

Check it out!

Here are some sneak previews...

I'm off to photograph more of my stuff...

If there is anyone out there actually reading this :)
make a comment and I will do some blog candy for July (and my hunch is that you will have a HIGH chance of winning it!!) :)


Pearlann66 said...

I hate to be one more email for you to read... after the 20000 you got from SCS but your jewelry is very pretty!
and a lot of people i know do know about Etsy even though they dont' sell on there!

I'll be tuning back in for your Blog candy!!

Two Happy Stampers said...

Your jewelry is beautiful! Your photography is fantastic! I'm still learning how to take good pictures of my stuff. I'm bookmarking your blog! Have a great day!